The Scientist

Spokesperson of the benefactors


While the benefactors claim no rulers but themselves, even the most free-spirited among them will pay respects to the benefactor known only as the Scientist. Quiet and restrained for her species, the Scientist acts as their spokesperson among the humans. The Imagine Drive is her pride and joy, and nothing in the cosmos would stop her from being able to see it in action. Among the benefactors she is the most recognizable.

The Scientist is tall and slender, with black skin marked with golden stripes and swirls. She wears more clothing than most benefactors, which is still much less than most humans on the ship – a dark leotard decorated with the insignia of the Onigashima, and above it a white lab coat. The reason why she wears it isn’t entirely clear, but it mostly seems to involve amusement.

The Scientist

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