20 years ago, the benefactors arrived.

It is the name that humanity gave them, for they came bearing gifts and stories of the worlds beyond reach of our star. Our people, having made our first steps beyond the inner planets and our own nature, were eager to accept them, hungry for what lay beyond our sight.

And yet the gifts of the benefactors were bitter, for they also came bearing a dire warning – they had come fleeing a terrible force, a horde of creatures that knew only hunger.

They called them the world eaters.

They could not be fought, the benefactors claimed – only weathered like one weathers a storm. Prepare yourselves, they told us, and humanity would survive.

Yet we humans, who have in our history known all the flavors of war, chose not to simply shelter and wait for the storm to pass. With the technology the benefactors gave us, we raised a great starship, and gave it a name to embody our resolve: the Onigashima

Now, the world eaters nibble at the threshold. We have prepared, not by hardening our shells, but sharpening our claws. We will roar our defiance at the oncoming storm…

…and we will break it.

The Imaginal Starship Onigashima

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